Deciding on what kind of pet to get

Hi everybody and welcome to my first post on my new blog! I’m really happy to share the story about my new hedgehog with you! I’m really excited! I have been looking for a hedgehog for a couple of months now and I have been having a hard time to decide what kind of pet I want. Because my girlfriend Clara has multiple allergies (you can read about them here) I had to be extra careful what kind of little friend I’d like to get. First I was thinking about getting a dog, but then I found out that Clara had had problems with dogs when she was younger, so that was out of the game. A couple of weeks ago my sister visited us from Ohio. Her son had just got a new pet, a hedgehog! I didn’t even now that it was possible to keep a hedgehog as a pet! As I found out, there are even some states where it’s illegal to have a hedgehog, but luckily I live in South Carolina where its allowed so I looked further into it. A couple of days later I was convinced that a hedgehog would be the perfect pet for me!

I want to get a hedgehog!

Now that I had informed myself what it means to take care of a hedgehog I had to decide where to buy my hedgehog. I was looking around on the web but almost everything I found was outdated.  Most of the breeders who I found weren’t even breeding anymore or their website had been taken down. I had a very hard time until I finally found where to by a hedgehog! This awesome site provides a map where you can choose your state and it will list all breeders who operate in your state, all of them are up to date and you can even find information like the price of the hedgehog, if they are certified breeders and if they offer shipping! Awesome! :) I was able to find a great breeder located just 20 minutes from my home.

What did I need to make my home ready for my new pet?

A couple of days before I was able to pick up my little hoglet something struck me: While I was well aware what kind of food my hedgehog should get I didn’t even have a cage for him yet! I panicked a bit because I didn’t know what to look for in a cage! I have had pets before, but only cats which don’t need a specific cage. A couple of google searches later I was able to find this hedgehog cage guide. After reading the guide I knew what I needed and ordered a cage the very same day! Just two days later (thank you!) I received the cage and was very happy! One day later I picked up Jerry (yes, thats the name of my hedgehog :) ) and he is already feeling at home! He’s so cute and Clara and I are loving him. I’ll keep you updated with Jerry!

Take care!